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Whether you are a new business or already have a website but are looking at a redesign to maximise impact and reach, we can help. We work hard to produce great-looking, flexible, powerful, easy to use, responsive websites delivered to all types of business and level of budget.



We provide more than a just a graphic web designer. You get an experienced business analyst, marketing / sales exec and professional copywriter, designer and trainer to deliver your project – that’s effective business web design! So call us on 01733 808666.

The Web Design Process

It sounds obvious but like any element of your business and marketing activity, building a website will require planning, setting objectives and goals.

We help business clarify the fundamentals, such as:
  • Who your Target Audience is
  • What Appeals to your Target Audience
  • What differentiates you from your competition

We help to identify the business objectives of the project. EG:
  • Increase qualified sales leads
  • Reach a wider audience (regional / national / global)
  • Act as an online brochure to inform about services & products
  • Educate, inform and build trust with customers
  • Improve customer service with product & service information
  • Improve customer support
  • Improve company image
  • Give an impression of scale to compete with larger players
  • Build a database of potential customers for future marketing
  • Sell goods directly online
We often find that clients do not have the time, resources or skills required to sit down and create the finished content for their website. Writing the content for a website might sound like a quick and easy job however as anyone who has attempted it knows well, it takes time and skill to explain a business message and simplify information so that it stands out on the web. Also your copy must be original and written specifically for the website to rank well in the search engines.

We write copy for clients that using some of the following techniques:
  • Using informative content to draw in visitors and build trust
  • Lists, Bullets and Numbered Points to keep interest
  • Proper use of grammar & tense to personalise the copy
  • Integration of Key Phrases in the copy for SEO
  • Looking to direct the copy to make relevant 'calls to action'
Chances are you are investing in your website because you want to attract customers and prospects. You probably want them to see what products or services you offer. Putting your website in front of web users who use the web to search is called Search Engine Optimisation – commonly referred to as SEO.

We start 99% of our website projects with an SEO first approach. We know the basic proven steps to take to get a new business or an under-performing website up in the search engines – just see some of our client testimonials!

SEO when done well is a process that combines:
  • RESEARCH – Looking at your market place and specifically into keywords and phrases that your customers are using
  • CONTENT – Making sure the keywords are used in the right places on the page & behind the scenes
  • LINKING – Ensuring all the right internet sources know you exist and getting incoming links to increase your creditability
We will create a unique design to frame you unique business on the web. Using the latest content management systems (often Wordpress) we will create your website drawing from the agreed content and structure together with bespoke graphics, your own pictures or stock images that we supply, along with cutting edge transitions, features and effects.

To do this we use a mixture of:
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • WordPress CMS
  • OpenCart Commerce
  • PHP5
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap Mobile
When the design is signed off and we set a launch date, you might think it is time to relax - not so for us.

In order for your website to really make its mark there will be a number of further steps required. Not all 'web designers' go this far but we do. These steps ensure that all new websites produced by Qi have the best possible foundations for a prosperous existence.

  • HOSTING - Web Hosting arranged in a UK based Tier 1 Data Centre
  • SITEMAP - XML Sitemap created & submitted to search engines inc Google
  • STATS - Website Statistics set up to monitor visitors and send reports
  • LINKS - Start off 'Link Building Campaign' to create incoming links
  • SECURITY - Security Modules Activated to protect & monitor hack attempts
  • BACK UPS - Weekly back up routine initiated + Web Uptime Monitoring
  • TRAINING - Training delivered on site or via online as required

What is Responsive Web Design?

Do you keep hearing the term "Responsive Website"? The reason is this style of website has become the industry standard in recent times. Responsive web design allows you to build and operate one website to suit all devices by re-sizing your site depending upon the screen size. The text will alter in size to keep it readable and the presentation will go from multiple columns on a PC to one thin column on a mobile phone. This technology means that all users will find a view suitable to their device and will thus remain on the site longer as they will not need to zoom and scroll to read the content.

Google recommends responsive web design as the solution to the multiple screen sizes problem and whats more they reward responsive websites with higher search rankings. So building a responsive website will reap benefits not only for usability but also for search engine optimisation (SEO).

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